Meet Our Staff

Bohlke International Airways has a great team of motivated staff who look forward to being of service to you.

This page is always being updated so please check back in regularly!


Girl Power

Bohlke Girl Power! : left to right: Sandy Isle, Charter Manager, Fiona Horne, Marketing Manager, Emma Von Fink, Administrative Manager, Tuddy Bohlke, Vice President, Lucy George, Accounts Manager, Betsy Santos-Torres, Customer Service Representative, Grace Baptiste, Custodial Officer - photographed by Lindsey Kammerzelt


The Dream Team

The Dream Team - from our amazing Maintenance Department: left to right: Charles Freehling, A & P, Matt Jones, Director of Maintenance, Laura Degele, Camille 'Willie' Williams - photographed by Lindsey Kammerzelt


And here is another photo of our Maintanance Dream Team...this time the whole team enjoying a company outing on our beautiful island of St Croix.

left to right: Charlie, Matt, Carlos, Laura, Willie, Roy and Vince.