Aircraft Management


Bohlke International Airways operates and manages a variety of types of aircraft for individuals and corporations.  Our Aircraft Management Services are an important cornerstone of our company operations and we take pride in providing the very best environment for aircraft ownership.



Bohlke International Airways carefully coordinates each phase of every domestic and international flight for the most cost effective, the safest and most expedient use of the aircraft. Aircraft scheduling, flight planning, catering, discount fuel arrangements, immigration, customs, and passenger ground transportation are skillfully arranged by our full-time staff of flight planning specialists.



Bohlke International Airways recruits only the most qualified candidates to crew and service its aircraft. Our pilots have thousands of hours of experience flying in the Caribbean and beyond.  High quality simulator  training and constant evaluation keeps our pilot's at the top of their class. 



Selecting the proper aircraft is critical to a successful travel itinerary. Bohlke International Airways helps clients identify the aircraft best suited to their mission profile and their budget. Our experience both as an aircraft owner and as an aircraft operator assures that new and existing owners are fully versed in aircraft financial, operational  and ownership matters.



Bohlke International Airways expertly attends to important administrative matters such as complex regulatory issues, insurance requirements, and accounting procedures. We scrutinize all expenditures, prepare comprehensive financial reports, and work closely with our clients to control all costs.

For more details on our Aircraft Management Services please contact our Director of Operations, Sam Black via email -


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